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This page contains links to electronic copies of up-to-date versions of documents & forms compiled from our archives, such as CC&Rs, maintenance/architectural requests, etc... To view a document, click on the link, to download a document to your PC, right-click the link, then select "Save Target As..."

Maintenance Responsibility:

Rules of Maintenance Responsibility

HMA Condo Complex Insurance:

Current Insurance Certificate
X500 Flood Insurance Exemption - FEMA Documentation:
January 2012: The entire complex has been officially granted an "X500" flood status by FEMA.
Consequently, Flood Insurance cannot be required for purchase of re-financing of any unit in the complex.
Use the official FEMA documents listed below if asked for proof that your unit is not located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).
Note: if your lender had you purchase Flood Insurance or purchased it on your behalf, you may be entitled to full or partial reimbursement.
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs):
The documents listed below governs rights and duties of homeowners and Board of Directors.
New Federal or State legislation may supersede or override CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations in some cases.
State Lands Commission (CA):
2000-2010 Private Recreational Pier Lease

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