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Utilities & Services Information
This page contains information and web links to municipal & county services, utility companies and HOA legal resources.
City of Huntington Beach - (714) 536-5553
2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Police Department: 714-960-8811
Municipal Services: Web Site   Phone Numbers   Licenses, permits & codes
Animal Care Services - (714) 935-6848
561 The City Drive, Orange 92868
Web Site:
Complaint forms available from this web site for dog bites & other animal disturbances.
HOA Homeowners Defense Resources
What you need to know about your rights as an HOA homeowner.
Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act
Center for California HOA Law

Laws & Regulations on Maintenance Procedures
What you need to know about legal obligations of an HOA acting as contractor when making repairs.
Federal (EPA) & CA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rules (RRP)
National Center for Healthy Housing
Questions & Answers about asbestos
California Asbestos Regulations (title 8, ¶5208)
Electricity: Southern California Edison - (800) 655-4555
Customer Service: SCE Online Customer Services Page
Gas: Southern California Gas Company - (800) 427-2200
Customer Service: SCGS Online Residential Services
Phone: Verizon - (800) 483-3000
Customer Service: Verizon Online Customer Support
Cable TV: Time Warner - (888) 892-2253
Problems/questions: TWC Support Page
Time Warner: Local Web Site
Satellite TV: DirectTV - (800) 494-4388
Problems/questions: DirectTV Customer Service
DirectTV: Web Site
Satellite TV: dishNetwork - (888) 686-2388
Problems/questions: dishNetwork Customer Service
dishNetwork: Web Site
Pest Management: So Cal Exterminators - (800) 418-9263
10692 Chestnut Ave, Stanton, CA 90680
Web Site:
We have a maintenance contract. Inspection reports are provided free of charge.
Waste Management - (714) 964-5259
American Waste Management: Directions

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